Blumhouse are bringing us a ‘monthly horror anthology’!

Blumhouse are bringing us a ‘monthly horror anthology’!


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The guys behind some of the greatest 21st Century horror’s are bringing us a brand new horror anthology!


As you know, Blumhouse have brought us some huge films like Sinister (pictured below), Insidious, The Purge, the recent Get Out and of course that low budget horror that ended up being a massive success, Paranormal Activity!

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Blumhouse have teamed up with Hulu for this new anthology. The anthology will feature 12 stories with a new episode being aired each month. Although the anthology is confirmed, no one has been assigned to produce or write the anthology yet.

For me, I’d love to see James Wan on board! James Wan has previously worked with Blumhouse producing Insidious as well as producing other horror films like The Conjuring, Saw, Dead Silence & Annabelle to name a few.

More info to follow…


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