FrightFest Digital 2020: A Host Of Horror Heads Online

FrightFest, like film festivals that have preceded it this year, is the latest to move proceedings online following the pandemic putting paid to physical events.

But, it has curated an incredible selection of twenty five feature length genre films and a whole host of horror shorts to keep fans thoroughly digitally entertained

So, we’re here to tell you which films you should definitely check-out at this year’s virtual spook-fest that will see you screaming at home in the middle of the day, or keeping a light on when you sleep.

5. Aquaslash

Anyone who has seen Renauld Gauthier’s previous film Discopath will know exactly what kind of idiosyncratic and mad-cap genre venture they’re getting with Aquaslash.

But when you’re also getting a water park set slasher film with a group of college graduates about to embark on a wet-and-wild bloody ride we’re in for a thrilling treat.

4. Two Heads Creek

‘Ozploitation’ is back in this joyfully dark comedic throwback that sees two siblings leave post-Brexit Britain behind to search for their mother in the Australian Outback.

However, what they find is the titular Two Heads Creek, a literal tourist trap with a dark, tender and meaty secret that’s mostly served raw, if you catch my drift.

3. Skull: The Mask

A new slasher icon is here and he’s the supernatural executioner for a God on a bloodthirsty warpath in Skull: The Mask, a culturally relevant Brazilian supernatural slasher horror.

A sword-wielding priest, a police officer with a dark secret, an almost certainly corrupt businessman and a strange loner with purpose are all that stand between Skull: The Mask and more hapless victims for him to kill in outrageous ways!

2. Sky Sharks

If you’ve been following the ever-increasing ridiculousness that surrounds sharks in horror movies with Sharknado, Ouija Shark and Sharks in Venice and have ever thought to yourself ‘this needs more Nazis’ then you’re in luck!

Sky Sharks is the film for you, as A team of geologists discovers a Nazi warship in the Arctic that was believed lost and unwittingly release an army of undead horrors on the world.

1. The Horror Crowd

If you’ve ever felt like that weird kid because of your interest in horror film then The Horror Crowd is for you as director Ruben Pla has assembled a host of kindred spirits who all have one thing in common – a love of horror.

Names like Chelsea Stardust, Bea Grant, Linn Shaye and more discuss various topics surrounding what makes someone part of ‘the horror crowd’ in this intimate and interesting documentary.

This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list though as I did mention there were 25 films screening at FrightFest Digital 2020 this year and they’re all ultimately going to be worth watching. The other things you can expect to see are,

  • 12 Hour Shift – Bea Grant
  • Av The Hunt – Emre Akay
  • Blind – Marcel Walz
  • Blinders – Tyler Savage
  • Clapboard Jungle – Justin McConnell
  • The Columnist – Ivo Van Aart
  • Dark Place – Kodie Bedford, Liam Phillips, Robert Braslin, Perun Bonser, Bjorn Stewart
  • Dark Stories – Fran├žois Descraques, Guillaume Lubrano
  • Don’t Click – G-Hey Kim
  • Enhanced – James Mark
  • A Ghost Waits – Adam Stovall
  • Hail To The Deadites – Steve Villeneuve
  • Hall – Francesco Giannini
  • The Honeymoon Phase – Phillip G. Carol Jr
  • I Am Lisa – Patrick Rea
  • Playhouse – Toby Watts, Fionn Watts
  • The Swerve – Dean Kapsalis
  • There’s No Such Thing As Vampires – Logan Thomas
  • They’re Outside – Airell Anthony Hayles, Sam Casserly
  • Triggered – Alastair Orr

If any of those films tickle your fancy, or send chills down your spine, then head here and check out the FrightFest Digital website and buy tickets.

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