The Host Cast Reveal Their Favourite Moments From The Film And Who’s Really Responsible For What Happens; Exclusive Interview

Plus: Do Any Of Them Believe In The Supernatural? Did Teddy Deserve To Die In That Way & How They’ve Been Educated In Horror

Given that Shudder’s Host is one of the scariest movies to come out in quite some time and it all goes down via Zoom, it’s hard not to be a little disconcerted when you’re about to interview the five women responsible for unleashing bloody mayhem on themselves using the same medium.

This certainly isn’t helped by the fact that some of these women were cheerily saying hello as they joined the call from the very rooms in which I’d seen them getting brutally murdered and experience unadulterated terror in.

However, as is indeed the case in the film itself, Haley, Radina, Jemma, Caroline and Emma are close friends in real-life and extremely warm, conversational and lovely people to talk to. So within minutes of my interview with the cast of of the growing phenomenon that is Host started I realised there are no demons here, it is safe! Hayley even has the same mirrors as me.

And that’s the beauty of this group, they are normal people who made a small, low-budget British horror movie with their friends and are now appearing on national television broadcasters for interviews, getting praise from their heroes (like Elijah Wood, but sadly not yet Reese Witherspoon). Indeed, it’s been an incredible few weeks for them all, and as a result it was a joy to talk to them.

By the time the interview had finished, in what I can only describe as the most perfect way, with all five of the ladies getting lost in conversation, reminiscing about their favourite moments of Host, it had easily become one of my favourite interviews of all time.

As I say at the end of the interview, it becomes abundantly clear that not only has Host managed to perfectly encapsulate the pandemic, but it’s also a living, breathing testament to the summer their friendship, and not a big budget, or Hollywood star names became the driving force of one of the best British horror films ever. Something that irrevocably bonds them together forever.

I hope you guys enjoy.

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