‘Get Out’ to get a Sequel? Is the film a Comedy? Jason Blum reveals

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‘Get Out’ to get a Sequel? Is the film a Comedy? Jason Blum reveals

Jason blum, the man behind huge horror ‘Blumhouse‘ and award winning film ‘Get Out‘ recently spoke with Newsweek about the film, the labelling of ‘comedy’ and about the possibility of a sequel.

As you may of heard and seen, the film has been labelled a ‘comedy’ by many critics and has also been placed in ‘comedy’ categories at award ceremonies.

Get Out, on Blumhouse, has raked in an impressive $250 Million Dollars world wide so far with the budget of the film being around $4 Million Dollars.

Here’s what Jason had to say to Newsweek:


There’s been a lot of discussion about it being placed in the comedy/musical category. Can you shed some light on how it ended up there?

I think it’s neither one. It’s a horror movie and there is no category for horror. I think if we put it in drama, people would have said: “Well, it’s a comedy.” Obviously, people were more upset than we anticipated. One thing I’m going to say is, I’m glad people were so passionate about the movie. Even if they feel it was a mistake which category it was put in, I’m glad they cared as much as to be outraged. It makes me feel good that people feel they have a relationship with this film.

There is a satirical nature to Get Out. Given that, do you think the comedy category is right?

I don’t think it fits into a category. I say it’s a horror movie but people might say, “I hate horror movies and I never see them, but I loved Get Out.” One of the reasons the movie has touched a nerve in the way that it has is [because] you can’t categorize it. It’s not drama, it’s not a comedy, it’s obviously not a documentary, it’s not a horror movie—it’s a movie and has pieces of every genre except animation. When the awards force you to put a movie into a category, it makes it tricky for a movie like Get Out.

Horror movies aren’t typically recognized by Academy Awards voters. Do you think Get Out could change their minds?

Silence of the Lambs was the last time a genre movie was really recognized by the Academy [in 1992]. We’re re-marketing the film. When we initially opened the film in February, we sold it as a straight scary movie to younger people. We now have to re-market it as a satire, or a social thriller, or a Hitchcock movie to people who don’t like horror movies. Most of the people that make the decisions around awards at the end of the year tend not to look too favorably on straight horror movies. One of our missions over the last couple of months has been to reposition this movie as something else.


Blumhouse is known for heavyweight horror franchises. Has there been talk about a Get Out sequel or film series?

I’m very happy with the one film and letting it stand on its own. If Jordan wanted to do a sequel, we would certainly love to do it. But I’m not pushing him to do one. I think the only way it would make sense is if he felt one should exist and came up with the idea. Otherwise we’re not going to make one.

Have you discussed it at all?

Of course with Jordan, but not with anybody else. He’s flirted with the idea, but I think, for him, if an idea came to him, he would do it. But that hasn’t happened. And I’m not pushing it.


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