Ridley Scott On Board Horror Series Based On an 80s Survival Computer Game

Alien’s very own Ridley Scott is set to executive produce a new horror series based on an 80s survival computer game.

Quibi announced the news on the project titled CURS_R that will see Ridley Scott, Anton and Stigma Films executive producing.

Toby Meakins will direct the script written by Simon Allen.

“The series begins in pursuit of an unclaimed $100,000 prize, where a broke student decides to play an obscure, 1980s survival computer game. But the game curses her reality with terrifying choices and reality-warping challenges. After a series of unexpectedly terrifying moments, she soon realizes she’s no longer playing for the money, but for her own life as the game locks her into an inescapable cycle of mind-bending horror. Stopping the game is not an option, no matter what lies in wait or how bad will things get — choose to play… OR DIE!”

Quibi will see its launch 6th April, 2020.

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