Rachael Rumancek’s Interview with ‘The Hatred’s Bayley Corman

Rachael Rumancek’s Interview with ‘The Hatred’s Bayley Corman

Since last ​speaking with writer and director Michael Kehoe​ about the untold story behind ​The Hatred,​ his inspired ghost-story has picked up some serious momentum and, with a terrifying trailer, it’s no wonder Kehoe’s passion project has made it this far.

After speaking with the mastermind behind this Hitchockian nightmare, we sat down with rising star Bayley Corman (​2 Broke Girls)​ to gaze deep into ​The Hatred​ from another vantage point altogether. From Corman’s ambitious approach to landing her first major role, Bayley discusses her role in T​he Hatred​ and life hereafter.


Rachael Rumancek The Hatred Exclusive With Bayley Corman


RR: Apart from this being debut Michael Kehoe’s feature film, ​The Hatred​ is a first for you as well. What was going through your mind receiving the news that you had landed your first major role?

“I was super excited actually! I had auditioned for a handful of feature films before this but none of them were horror films so going in for ‘The Hatred’ was a way different feeling for me than going in for a comedy or drama. It was also a much different role for me. I am usually called in for, like, the sorority girl, the cheerleader, or the mean girl so having the opportunity to show myself as someone different was something new and something I really wanted. Mike [Kehoe] and I immediately connected in the room, which was really great because it definitely set the energy for how shooting the movie would be. Then, once I found out I booked the role of Samantha I was kind of in shock to be honest. It was so surreal that I don’t think it fully hit me until my first day on set.”

RR: How did his chemistry transfer from the casting call to working together on set?

“I cannot say enough good things about Mike [Kehoe]. He is one of the most supportive people I have ever met or worked with. He’s just so genuine and really cares for everyone so much and anyone who knows him would agree with me. On set he was really patient with all of us and took his time to make a relationship with each of the actors individually. It was really wonderful to have a director who let us kind of play around and take risks and I think he definitely got a lot more out of us in our scenes that way than he would have if he had been less hands on or if he had rushed us. Even after we wrapped he has consistently been in my life supporting me, giving me advice, and just looking out for me in general.”

RR: There was quite the buzz surrounding T​ he Hatred’s​ release from both horror fans and critics. Was there ever a point when first reading the script that you knew T​ he Hatred​ was something exceptional?

“Right off the bat I knew I was reading a really special piece. ‘The Hatred’ is so different from every horror film I’ve seen and just completely original and interesting. I read the whole thing in one sitting and then read it again like three more times right after. There are a few scenes, that I won’t describe in detail because I don’t want to put out any spoilers, that are so creative and unexpected that I literally found myself saying out loud to myself, ‘oh my god, what?!’ So that’s usually a pretty good sign.”

RR: You seem pretty excited about the film itself let alone your huge role. Are you a fan of the horror genre yourself?

“Yes! Horror is my favorite genre. I have been obsessed with horror since I was super little. The first scary movie I ever saw was Halloween, which opened up this whole world of thrillers and horror films for me that I found way more entertaining than watching, like, ‘High School Musical’ or something like that. All my friends thought I was crazy for always wanting to put on horror films on basically any occasion. They just never get old for me!”

RR: Being a total nerd for watching horror movies had nothing but a positive impact on helping you channel your inner scream queen. Was there any other research you did to bring that added aspect of realism to Samantha?

“Well, Samantha is a major history buff, which I am not, so a lot of my research was based on historical references she makes in the film. It’s one thing to say the lines and make them sound good but it adds so much more to the motivation of the character when you, as an actor, actually know what these references are. But I also did a lot of reflecting on myself to find similarities between Samantha and I, which was extremely helpful. I am a super curious person and adventurous, which often can get me into trouble and that’s a trait that Samantha and I definitely share.”

RR: Honestly, you pulled off the history-buff type quite endearingly,
especially for someone who isn’t nearly as a passionate about the topic as their character. Where did you channel that passion from to emulate such an authentic persona?

“My brother and my dad literally know everything about everything, especially history. Whenever they have conversations about historical events they just, like, spit facts like it’s no big deal. Then they just assume that everyone else listening to the conversation knows all of these facts too and it’s just so casual! So, I definitely wanted that to come across with Samantha.”

RR: So, let’s dive a little deeper into Samantha for a moment. We know a bit about your research and inspiration in creating her, but who is Samantha essentially?

“Samantha is very curious and wants to know everything about the world. History is her first love and it shows in how fascinated she is with the house and in the role she plays in uncovering the truth behind why all of these bizarre events are happening to her and her friends. She is very brave and adventurous, which gets her into trouble at some points in the film but she has really good intentions. It just doesn’t always work out in her favor.”
“Like I said previously, I wanted to emulate someone like my dad or my brother who are both incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to history. I also really wanted to show just how much she loves history without her coming across as a know it all or someone who thinks everyone else is dumb compared to her. For Samantha, it isn’t about being smarter than everyone else, she just really loves history.”

From left to right; Gabrielle Bourne, Bayley Corman, Sarah Davenport and Alisha Wainwright, ‘The Hatred’ [Credit: Anchor Bay]

RR: Let’s say the role of Samantha had been given to another actor; was there another role in the film you would have been equally as excited to play?

“I think it would have been really cool to play Alice. She’s such a dynamic character and is so misunderstood in the film. Preparing for a role like that would be so fun and super emotional for sure. Not to mention all of the scary FX makeup that’s involved in creating a character like that. Darby [Walker] did an amazing job as Alice though and definitely killed that role. The other character that I would’ve played would be Layan, played by Gabby Bourne, just because she’s so sassy and witty but also really relaxed at the same time and I honestly love that about her. Also I just think that is the character I relate to the most out of all of the girls.”

RR: T​he Hatred’s​ was a huge success upon its September release and even more so now that millions more viewers can finally screen it for themselves now that it is available on Netflix. Going back to the first time you were able to screen the finished product, what were your thoughts on T​ he Hatred?​

“I was so nervous going to the screening because I had literally not seen any of the film and it had been just over a year since we finished shooting by the time we were able to see it. It was also my first time ever seeing myself on a screen that big which was a really absurd feeling. Everything about the screening was really wonderful and it was such a positive experience all around for everyone. The only thing I struggled with was trying not to judge myself too much because it had been a while since we shot the movie and I’ve grown a lot as an actress since then so I found myself sort of nitpicking my performance but I think that is something every actor can relate to and I need to not be so hard on myself.”

RR: Has ​The Hatred a​nd it’s popularity opened any new doors for you in the film industry?

“It’s actually so crazy how much traction this film is getting. It’s way more than I really expected. I get comments on my Instagram and my Facebook page from people who have seen the trailer or have watched it at a festival and it’s all been really kind and positive feedback, which I really appreciate. I have also had casting directors and producers call me in for other projects because of ‘The Hatred’ which is awesome and something I never expected. Like, people are really excited about this movie and it feels amazing.”

RR: Before we wrap up here, I have one last request. Without any plot
spoilers, would you please fill us in (on an intimate level), on why you feel us fans should see Michael Kehoe’s Hitchcock inspired horror movie, ​The Hatred?

“Ah! I want to say so many things about this film because I am just so proud of it but I could go on forever. In short, I guess I would just like to stress how we made this film in just a matter of weeks with a lot of unexpected bumps that could have easily rocked the boat and thrown us off completely, but we didn’t let it. Just from watching the film you would never know that there were some major curve balls thrown at us. Also, I just think it’s really amazing how good this film is for the budget and resources that we were given – and that’s something everyone can appreciate about ‘The Hatred.'”It’s so different from every other horror film and I am sincerely proud of this movie. It is creative, the characters are dynamic and it is honestly a gem. Michael Kehoe did a wonderful job creating this movie and the cast is filled with so many talented actors who really brought their all to their performances. I think everyone who sees ‘The Hatred’ will agree that it’s unlike anything else. It’s also really scary so be prepared.”

The Hatred​ is now conveniently available on Netflix. With commendable practical effects and some seriously smart writing, The Hatred is a must see for fans of not only acclaimed horror pioneer Alfred Hitchcock

the meantime, be sure to show Bayley Corman your support by​ following her on Twitter​ and sharing your thoughts on the film using #TheHatred.

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