New Poster for Horror Film Artik Takes Us On a Sunflower Trip

Take a trip through the sunflower fields and you’ll find something darkly different waiting for you at the end… That something is the latest horror action film Artik from director Tom Botchii, and the new poster which makes this film look like a blood slathered LSD dream.

The poster has been created by artist Christopher Shy, who is best known for his incredible artwork for the recent nightmarish Mandy starring Nicholas Cage, Godzilla: King of The Monsters, Sequence Break and more. This style really gives a beautiful lucid nightmare feel to the poster and Shy has described how he creates this look, he says: “I use tempura, watercolor, and photography. I print some things out, then over paint, then scan them, and over paint again,”

Artik follows a family living in a rural area while running their own family-business which happens to be a sunflower farm. Comic book obsessed serial killer Artik and his life partner Flin, along with their tribe of foster children are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero for their tales. This goal comes under pressure when a straight edge purist, Holton, clashes with the family about the fate of a young boy.

The plot of this film sounds like another piece of mind-fuckery just like Mandy was, and therefore the poster is more than fitting for what we can expect to witness. Serial killer Artik is played by Jerry G. Angelo, who is also producing the film; Chase Williamson (John Dies at The End) plays good guy Holton and Lauren Ashley (Jug Face) plays the role of Flin. If you’re a fan of indie horror movies, you’ll already know most of these names.

The film is Tom Botchii’s first feature film, and is also the first joint release from TLG Motion Pictures and Have Not Films.

We can’t wait to see what this serial killer meets superhero film has hiding in its seeds for us! The film will be released in summer 2019.

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