Exclusive Interview With Krampus Origins Anna Harr

ANNA HARR – “Krampus Origins”
A prequel to the popular Krampus films – distributed by Uncork’d Entertainment- Krampus Origins sees young Anna Harr and friends accidentally unleashing the demonic holiday horrible into the world for the very first time!

Q: Is Krampus Origins a prequel to the earlier Krampus films?

Yes, I would say it is the prequel to the other Krampus films. The movie is about one of the first modern encounters of the Krampus, and how he was released into the world.

Q: Either way, did you watch any of the other Krampus movies before beginning work on this?

I had seen a few Krampus movies, you know before filming just to kind of prep myself and to fully understand what the Krampus is. I also did some research on the folklore of Krampus.

Q: How much was Robert Conway, who directed the previous Krampus movies, involved?

Robert Conway was the writer and producer for Krampus Origins. He was always on set making sure things were running smoothly, helping out anywhere he could, getting to know the cast. Also, supplying me with my favorite gummy bears on overnight shoots

Q: How much say, being the star, did you have in how your character was portrayed? Did you make any suggestions?

I really wouldn’t say I am the “star” of Krampus, it’s more like an ensemble cast, there’s lots of other character s played by great actors that carry out the film as well. However, I did have some say in my character but I usually don’t make suggestions, I like leaving it up to the writer or director, and whatever he/she prefers. But I did have the chance to make suggestions on Krampus, which was very nice

Q. Do you find it frightening being in spooky movies like this – or is it just ‘work’?

No, not really, it’s just good time for me. Krampus was a very fun set, everyone got along well, so there wasn’t a time where I felt frightened or felt alone.

Q. Do you believe in Krampus!?
Haha! Sure, why not, there’s a millions of myths out in the world, so who knows, some of them could possibly be real! However, something like the Krampus being real is absolutely terrifying.

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