Andy Bean Joins The Cast Of SWAMP THING

Andy Bean is the latest addition to join DC Universe’s Swamp Thing The Wrap share.

Bean is set to portray the human version of the title character with Derek Mears playing the monster.

“The character is described as emerging from the swamp with a monstrous physique and strange new powers over plant life, the man who was once Alec Holland struggles to hold onto his humanity. When dark forces converge on the town of Marais, Swamp Thing must embrace what he has become in order to defend the town as well as the natural world at large. Prior to his life as the elemental hero, Holland was a biologist who gets caught in the crosshairs of a small town nightmare, when he discovers a bizarre local illness may be connected to his work in the swamp.”

Will Patton, Virginia Madsen, Derek Mears, Crystal Reed, Maria Sten, Jennifer Beals and Jeryl Prescott all star.

Characters are based on DC Universe characters created by Len Wein & Bernie Wrightson, with Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman penning the script. Lin Wiseman will direct with horror mastermind James Wan producing with Atomic Monster.

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