Evil Lives Amongst Us In ‘House Call’

Normally I would put a short not here, to say loosely what the film is about. But with short films, that can be tricky. To say too much could give far too much of the plot away.

Thankfully the poster above is all you need to know.

It’s written by Joseph Sorrentino Jr and directed by Daniel Brown. It’s a well made little short, one that edges into so-called ‘torture porn’ territory but never fully goes there. Instead it uses some little moments of humour to lighten its tone that work well.

It stars Barry Tangert and Kerwin Gonzalez and both aren’t bad. The effects are well done and the ending I thought rather clever in its own twisted way.

House Call is doing the rounds at some film festivals. If you get the chance, check it out.

Write up by: The Grump Of Horror

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