Forget ya Team America. Get ready for horror film ‘Fred & Zed’

Forget your Team America, get your eyes ready for a horror movie full of just puppets

Fred & Zed is set for a 2018 release with Jesse Blanchard Directing the puppet film. I can’t wait to see this. I love the fact horror is inspiring so many film makers in different ways. A horror fuelled puppet film is going to be something I’ve never seen. The trailer below looks awesome.

Here’s what we know so far of Fred & Zed provided on IMDB

Centuries ago, a desperate battle left a village wasted, a new bride dead, and two mortal enemies dependent on each other for survival. Forgotten amongst the crumbling ruins, our two heroes have eked out a meager existence, each responsible for feeding the other. One fateful day, a villager trespasses into Frank’s hunting grounds. The resulting ‘harvest’ provides Zed with a full tummy and sets the entire town on a course of bloody retribution


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