Dark Moon: The Sci-fi/horror comic series

About Dark Moon

Dark Moon is an indie sci-fi horror motion comic that combines comic art with music to immerse the reader in a complete atmospheric experience. The episodes are offered for free at darkmooncomic.com/episodes

Dark Moon Comic Ends With a Blast!!!

Dark Moon started a few years ago as a motion comic series that combined atmospheric art and music with a creepy and sometimes thrilling storyline into a unique science fiction and horror experience. With the release of Dark Moon #4, they complete the storyline they started years back, and they made sure the end is full of plenty of action! The creator of the series, Tom Freeman or “Freematik”, had this to say about the finale: “Many fans had been following along for years, and were patient and supportive as we tried various formats to show our combinations of music and art that make up the Dark Moon universe. I really felt like this ending had to have a lot of exciting moments, so that it felt like a roller coaster ride, because I felt like the fans deserved to have some fun as a reward for getting through so many creepy moments.”

Like the three episodes before it, Dark Moon #4 can be watched for free at: darkmooncomic.com/episodes or via the Madefire app, an application that allows Dark Moon and many other awesome titles to be watched on phone or tablet.

Dark Moon #4 is also available on YouTube, DeviantArt and Madefire.

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