Covered in Flowers & Gore; IndieGoGo for Extreme Horror Film FLOWERS 2

For those of us with sick and depraved minds, there’s some curiosity lurking deep within that leads us to want to watch the most disturbing films ever made. If you fall into that category, you will have heard of independent filmmaker Phil Stevens and his feature film Flowers, which is an extreme art-house horror film.

The film follows six women who wake up in a crawl space underneath their killer’s home, and have to discover a very looming and harrowing truth… Although a film made with a particular taste in mind, even those who are not privy to a little extremity can appreciate the realistic special effects and props used throughout the film which really do provide the graphic element to this film. Now we’re being treated by Phil Stevens and the team behind Flowers to deliver Flowers 2 into our homes and our minds.

For an underground horror film that will truly bring sheer terror and the unimaginable when it comes to gore, Flowers 2 needs your help to raise completion funds. Not only are there some perks that any underground horror fan will lust over including signed limited edition DVDs and associate producer credits, but you’ll also be signed up to the private Facebook group where you can see the filming in progress with behind the scenes videos, and you’ll also be also to annoy Phil Stevens himself with questions about the film.

There’s only 16 days to back this project, so if you want to see Flowers 2 happen (which I most definitely do) then head over to the IndieGoGo page for all the information and to support something nastier than you could even imagine.

If you’re debating between your lunch for a week or the signed DVD, the recommendation would always be the DVD, however, sharing the campaign with those who love supporting independent film and horrific visceral stuff will also help this film happen.


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