Atrocious murders in ‘Strangled’ coming to DVD/Blu-ray Feb 5th 2018

Eureka Entertainment to release STRANGLED, an unpredictable psychological thriller, as part of the MONTAGE PICTURES range in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition on 5 February 2018.

Based on real-life events, Strangled is set in the provincial Hungary of the 1960s at the height of socialism, when a series of atrocious murders shock the small town of Martfű.

A psychotic killer is on the prowl, strangling young women. Amidst the media frenzy, an innocent man is accused and sentenced for the crimes he could not possibly have committed. A determined detective becomes obsessed with finding the real killer, whilst under pressure from his superiors who just want to see a man hang.

Winner of nine Hungarian Film Awards, Strangled is a dark and gritty thriller from Árpád Sopsits that brings to mind both Lang’s M and Fincher’s Zodiac in its approach to the murder-mystery genre. Eureka Entertainment is proud to present the film in its UK debut.


2016 | 120 minutes | 2.35:1 OAR | HUNGARY | World Cinema / Thriller | Colour | 05 February 2018 Certificate 18 (TBC) | Director ÁRPÁD SOPSITS | Language HUNGARIAN | Subtitles ENGLISH (Optional) Dual Format Cat. No. MON70280 | Dual Format Barcode 5060000702804 | Dual Format RRP £12.99


Stunning 1080p presentation (On the Blu-ray), with a progressive encode on the DVD | 5.1 Surround and Stereo soundtrack options | Optional English subtitles | Trailer



“Strangled is a solid crime saga, benefitting from atmospheric cinematography by Gabor Szabo (the night-time scenes and lighting is vividly eerie) and a historic backdrop where the murders reverberate into the political arena of the era” – Cine-Vue

“Engrossing… echoing some of the great crime thrillers while maintaining a local flavour” – Movie Waffler KEY SELLING POINTS

“A robust, atmospheric suspense thriller that shows how politics and personal ambition can have a toxic effect on justice” – Hollywood Reporter

“Strangled is a good looking, competent thriller, well directed and well-acted, and the story hangs together effectively”CultureFly

“Affectionately adhering to the tropes of the thriller genre, what transpires is a captivating production that while incredibly upsetting, makes for a rewarding experience” – HeyUGuys


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