Blumhouse Are At This Year’s Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights!

Earlier today, the guys over at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights announced that they are bringing the ever popular horror home Blumhouse to this year’s huge event.

Truth Or Dare, Unfriended and Happy Death Day will all be causing a scare this year! Are you ready?

Here’s what Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Twitter account described the addition:

“Your journey begins on a dark and stormy night as we approach a rundown, old movie palace that is hosting a “Horrors of Blumhouse” film festival. Stepping inside the theatre, we enter a netherworld where horror movies have come to life…”

“For our first presentation, we journey across the border to an abandoned, old mission in Mexico, a place with a long history of blood and horror…”

“A group of college kids on spring break violate the sanctity of this once sacred
place and unwittingly unleash an ancient curse, forcing them to play a never
ending game of TRUTH OR DARE where the stakes are life and death!”

Our second presentation, UNFRIENDED, takes place in the new frontier of cyberspace, where an innocuous chat room session amongst a group of high school friends turns into an endless night of terror…”

“A supernatural entity has assumed control over a deceased fellow student’s online account and hacked its way into the chat session. Now this malevolent demon is taking its revenge online…and no one is safe from its wrath!”

“Our final feature starts a new chapter for The Horrors of Blumhouse and Halloween Horror Nights, by drawing its inspiration not from a film but from Blumhouse’s own infamous opening title sequence…”

“Answering an innocent looking young girl’s cries for help, we are lured into a creepy old house that soon becomes a house of horrors! Inside this paranormal palace, we learn the terrifying true identity of the girl in the white dress…though we may not survive to tell the tale!

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on Friday, September 14, and runs right through to Saturday, November 3!

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