“There’s Something In The Water” In Director Jim Ojala’s Upcoming Eco-Horror ‘Strange Nature’

jim ojala, james ojala, strange nature,

“There’s Something In The Water” In Director Jim Ojala’s Upcoming Eco-Horror ‘Strange Nature’

by Rachael Rumancek

jim ojala, james ojala, strange nature,

Since dropping the latest trailer for his upcoming “eco-thriller” Strange Nature, writer and director Jim Ojala has been overwhelmed by the surge in popularity of his upcoming film. Set in 90s Duluth, Minnesota, Strange Nature sets out to explore the nearly incomprehensible and wildly fascinating possible causes to the unsolved phenomena involving the epidemic of deadly mutations that occurred among the wildlife there.


Exploring the worst case scenario of this inexplicable ecological nightmare, Strange Nature is a seriously scuzzy and truly horrifying example of just how terrifying nature can be. With a background in special effects and a knack for investigative writing, Ojala brings to life one of the most obscure and gruesomely bizarre epidemics to have occurred in modern times that most of us never even heard about.

From complexly deformed and mutated frogs to a trail of evidence paved with pesticides and parasites, Ojala goes on to allude to the possible cause for this complete genetic chaos in our recent interview, “there’s something in the water.”

But what could he mean by that? Listen to our full interview below to find out!


From producers Beth Meadows and Jessica Bergren, and executive producer Jeff Miller, Strange Nature is a must-see horror flick for anyone charmed and captivated by unexplained mysteries, natural phenomena or the abhorrent origins of such curious events. Backed by hands-on and passionate producers, an impressive lineup of on-screen talent including names like Tiffany Shepis (Death House, Tromeo and Juliet), John Hennigan (Glow, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Spaceballs, Glee) and a story stemming from truth, Jim Ojala’s Strange Nature is a cinematic incitement of biological anarchy and evolutionary horror. In short, Strange Nature is an exploratory celebration of gross possibilities brought to the big-screen for the first time ever that you really don’t want to miss this spring.

Strange Nature is available April 15, 2018. For more news and real-time updates on Jim Ojala’s upcoming film and other projects, be sure to connect with Strange Nature on ​Twitter​ and Facebook.

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