The Team

Meet the team

The Horrorcist (Owner)

I have a real passion for horror movies. Since I was a kid, I always loved to put on a horror film wether it was A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Exorcist. I love writing articles as you would of seen on here as well as presenting ‘The Demonic Podcast’ where I speak to actors, producers, writers, authors etc.. Thanks for the support all!






Zoe (Head Writer & Critic)

I’m Zoë, most commonly know as Zobo With A Shotgun. I may not own a shotgun as such, but I use my writing to create bullet holes in the film world, also known as opinionated reviews. I’m at my happiest watching extreme, controversial & gore-clad films like A Serbian Film, and at my unhappiest watching pretentious bore-fests like The Neon Demon.



Isaac Thorne (Critic)

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who has, over the course of his life, developed a modest ability to spin a good yarn. Really. He promises. He also avoids public men’s restrooms at all costs. He considers himself a lover of books, music, movies, and other forms of pop culture phenomenon. His philosophy on his life is that it’s all one giant experiment.






David Pitt (Book Critic)

David Pitt lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He writes a monthly paper back column for the Winnipeg Free Press and is a regular contributor to booklist, the magazine of the American Library Association.







Craig Shawn (Critic)

Ohio, U.S.A.

Since the age of four, I’ve had a keen obsession with film, most notably Horror.
I’ve taken part in writing scripts for independent film projects and short stories. I’m a huge supporter of indie arts and understand, how vital of a platform social media is to them.
Best of all, I’m a fan of film, a zealous collector and viewer, with a tireless addiction for ALL things Horror.