The Grump Of Horror Reviews ‘Murder Made Easy’

Review by: The Grump Of Horror

Two close friends invite others over for dinner, however, murder is on the menu…

The first thing I did after seeing this film, was check to see if it was based on a play. According to the credits it’s not, but it has the makings of one. The film is basically set in one room, though it’s not the first film to do that of course.
The story itself is a series of connecting scenes that run along a similar set-up; a guest comes over, they eat and talk, then the guest is killed. In some ways it recalled 1995’s film The Last Supper. However, here the focus is actually a character we don’t see the husband of one of the murderers, Neil, who died the year before. All the victims are connected to him in some way, which is why they are being killed.
Until the last act, where things take twists and turns and the film reveals its actual story. When the reveal comes as to what is going on, it reminded me of something I vaguely recall seeing years before, the title of which escapes me. Murder Made Easy does fit into similar territory.
The script from Tim Davis is not bad, with an ending that does work surprisingly well, though some might see it coming. The direction from David Palamaro is okay, keeping a light tone throughout, keeping what little blood and gore we see to a minimum. The film is more about the characters than the manner of their deaths.
The cast, mainly unknowns, aren’t bad. Jessica Graham is the lead character and is pretty good, the others, Christopher Soren Kelly, Daniel Ahearn, Edmund Lupinski, Sheila Cutchlow, Paul A Rose Jr are good too, but I thought Emilia Richeson the weak link in the small cast, as she tries too hard.
It’s not a long film, around 77 minutes in length and for the most part keeps you entertained, wondering where the story is going. I did think the very end of a bit too abrupt, but that aside it was an okay little film, though certainly more a light mystery drama than horror or thriller.
I doubt it will live long in the memory after you watch it, but Murder Made Easy, is a harmless way to pass some time.
Though I think it would work better as a play than film.
Rating: **1/2 out of 5

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