‘She’s Not Alone’ New Annabelle Comes Home Clip Surfaces

Moments ago, the official instagram page of Annabelle posted a short clip from the upcoming Annabelle Comes Home film showing the demonic doll in the company of Lorraine Warren and someone else…

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She’s not alone. #AnnabelleComesHome

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Annabelle 3, the sixth title in The Conjuring franchise, picks up with the Warrens bringing the Annabelle doll to a place where she can no longer wreak havoc: their Artifacts Room. Annabelle awakens the room’s evil which sets its sights on a new target: the Warrens’ ten year old daughter Judy. The young girl along with her babysitter (Judy’s teenage cousin) and cousin’s friend square off against the evil doll.

The third installment of Annabelle is written and directed by Gary Dauberman and produced by horror supremos James Wan & Peter Safran.

Michael Clear will executive produce the fiilm.

During Comic-Con’s ScareDiego event, Dauberman said of the latest Annabelle installment, ‘It really picks up with the Warrens bringing Annabelle to the place where it can really no longer wreak havoc, which is their artifact room. But, of course, it turns out she can also wreak havoc there.” “It’s basicallyNight At The Museum withAnnabelle!” added Wan at the time.

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