Predator: Hunting Grounds Coming To PS4 In 2020

Illfonic are currently developing new PS4 asymmetric multiplayer game Predator: Hunting Grounds, Variety share.

The PlayStation 4 game will pit one group of players against the Predator, who will be played by one different player. For the group of players, they will control a Fireteam who has access to a plethora of weapons– “shotguns and SMGs to sniper rifles and more,” according to a post from Illfonic CEO Charles Brungardt on the official PlayStation Blog.

The Fireteam is taking out bad guys while the player controlling the Predator has to track and surprise attack players on the group of players. The Predator, of course, has an advanced vision mode which aids in the tracking and ambushing.

Illfonic are producing the game under Sony Interactive Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

More news to follow…

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