“I see dead people” H. J. Osment speaks of ‘The Sixth Sense’

“I see dead people” H. J. Osment speaks of ‘The Sixth Sense’

I remember watching The Sixth Sense for the very first time and I was bown away especially with the ending. “I see dead people” has got to be one of the greatest film quotes of all time IMO. It’s so simple and basic yet so powerful and moving.

Then child actor Haley Joel Osment (now 30 years old) recently spoke to SYFY and revealed what the hardest scene was in The Sixth Sense:


Worst day on set?

There’s never been any real terrible ones ’cause the worst ones are not some emotional hardship or something. The worst ones are just when there’s a lot of waiting around. Sometimes you’re waiting for weather or things like that to come together, but I can’t think of any low points in making stuff.

I do have a good one that sort of hits both boxes. The scene in The Sixth Sense where we’re towards the end, where we’re in the car, me and Toni Collette, and she finally learns my big secret, that was a technically tough day. It was raining, we were in a car and I remember being kind of rushed on that one and the tone of the scene is really delicate. We did seven takes of it and we just felt like we weren’t getting it, and by the seventh one we felt like we had gotten some good stuff but there was still this unsureness.

And back then we’d have dailies where [director M. Night Shyamalan] would bring everybody to the movie theater and get like Wendy’s to cater it or something, and so we all went into dailies that night feeling kind of nervous that we might have missed this important scene, and once you saw on the big screen it was this huge sense of relief because it had just happened. That was a very big lift.

Since it’s release in 1999, The Sixth Sense has earned an impressive $293m dollars. Do you see dead people?

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