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The Devil In Me Short Film Review by Zobo With A Shotgun

“This is the tale of Bunny Evergreen. She’s obsessed with sex, metal music and death.” Opening your short horror movie with a sentence like this is always going to pique the interest of someone like myself, who could easily be described similarly to Ms. Evergreen. It also quickly sets the macabre tone for which this short film clearly aims to accomplish, giving the audience a picture of the depravity that is yet to come.

The Devil In Me is a short horror film from a group of ambitious filmmaking friends called Cat 4 Collective, with this particular addition written by Sam Hel & Alexis Rousseau, and directed by the latter too. Bunny is a strange and introverted character that has an unhealthy obsession with everything soaked in lust, blood and morbidity. She soon decides to take a disturbing path to satisfy her needs, which ends as one might expect.

This short is certainly not designed for minors, with opening scenes of masturbation and a soundtrack that could drive most into insanity with its focus on extremely dark metal. As we follow Bunny through the last day of her life, every scene is narrated, which makes the short film like a horrifically depressing documentary that you would find on a news outlet like Vice. Although the story could do with some improvements in terms of character definition and understanding the reasons behind our protagonist’s disturbing desires, The Devil In Me is most definitely a love letter to the CAT III genre, with the short’s focus on bringing pure smut to our screens.

If you’re a fan of pornographic violence, hardcore erotica and disturbing images then you should give The Devil In Me a watch. Although there are more than few faults, as a labour of love for the extreme side of cinema, it’s got enough merits to be enjoyed.

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