Andrew Lincoln Will Be Back In 3 ‘Walking Dead’ Movies

Last night saw the end of Rick Grimes in TWD but AMC have announced that Andrew Lincoln will reprise his role as Grimes in 3 TWD movies THR report.

Content chief Scott M. Gimple, had this to say:

“The story of Rick will go on in films,” Gimple says. “Right now, we’re working on three but there’s flexibility in that. … Over the next several years, we’re going to be doing specials, new series are quite a possibility, high-quality digital content and then some content that defies description at the moment. We’re going to dig into the past and see old characters. We’re going to introduce new characters and new situations.”

As for the movies, they will follow what happens to Rick after his experience in Sunday’s “What Comes After” episode. That saw foe-turned-friend Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) rescue a near-death Rick and accompany him on a helicopter to an unseen new community while his friends and family believe the former sheriff is dead. Gimple confirmed Lincoln will indeed be in all three AMC movies, which he says will explore the period between Rick’s helicopter rescue and the years-later time jump that was featured at the end of Sunday’s episode — and stretch beyond that period. Each movie will tell a complete story about Rick. “It is about who he is and who he’s going to be — and certainly how he deals with the situation he’s in,” Gimple says. “We know Rick Grimes, he would want to be home.”

Production on the first of the three films is set to begin in 2019.

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