Aliens, Spaceships, Sex & Violence in ‘Violent Starr’


Aliens, Spaceships, Sex & Violence in ‘Violent Starr’

TEASER-TRAILER RELEASED FOR SPACE OPERA “VIOLENT STARR“ feat. Bianca Bradey (Wyrmwood) and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes)

Germany-based filmmakers Matti Schindehütte and Oliver Tietgen (Boesewicht Film)
just released the first teaser for their upcoming science-fiction movie “Violent Starr“:
A female space pirate, Violent Starr (Bianca Bradey), transforms into the savior of the universe by inheriting the arm of a legendary warrior. She fights against “The Godmichael” (Michael Berryman), a giant evil god-like head – floating in space.

“It’s going to be like the sci-fi you loved as a child, including spaceships, aliens and weird ideas. But with added sex and violence.“ says writer/director Oliver Tietgen.

“The movie will mostly feature practical effects – you won’t see any CG spaceships in it.” says co-creator/producer Matti Schindehütte. “A Space Opera about good and evil, antixenophobia and love.”

The filmmakers got international support from model builders, creature and prop designers, such as Steve Howarth who built the rovers and „Gerty“ for the movie „Moon“ (2009).

They already have a growing fanbase in the social media:


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