90s Animated Series ‘Roswell Conspiracies’ Set To Be Adapted By ’41 Entertainment’

Deadline have shared news this evening that 41 Entertainment are set to bring us an 8 part animated series based on Kaaren Lee Brown’s Roswell Conspiracies.

Each episode of the 8 part series will be an hour-long and will launch in 2021. Kaaren Lee Brown will act as showrunner.

From Deadline:

The series follows a top-secret multinational organization known as the Alliance, which consists of humans and aliens hunting horrible and bloodthirsty extraterrestrials. Twenty years after the Alliance locked up the last of the enemy aliens, the organization has shrunk in size and scope, leaving a bare-bones team in charge of maintaining Area 51 – and an aging team of complacent guards to watch over their alien prisoners

However, this summer’s Alienstock, an online invitation to invade Area 51 allowed several of the alien-monsters managed to escape, including the biggest and baddest monster of them all: Nosferatu, the Vampire King. This ancient, cobra-like alien, with his sharp fangs, hooded-head and unquenchable thirst for blood, is the original source of all vampire legends. It’s now up to a new generation of Alliance agents to hunt down and recapture this dangerous escapee. Leading the search for Nosferatu is a pair of hotshot alien hunters – 24-year-old Nigerian-born Michael “Eek” Ekong and his new partner, a 21- year-old rookie from Norway, Valerie Torsdotter.

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