Will Smith’s And World War Z’s Marc Forster’s Telepool On Board To Finance And Produce Horror Anthology ‘Phobias’

Will Smith and Marc Forster’s German licencing group Telepool have teamed up with Eric B. Fleischman’s Defiant Studios for horror project, Phobias.

THR report that Telepool alongside Kodiac Pictures will help finance and produce the horror anthology.

Phobias is conceived as five separate stories focused on five patients suffering from extreme phobias at a government testing facility under the supervision of a crazed doctor who wants to weaponize fear for military use. The project brings together five up-and-coming writer/directors: Maritte Go (Remittance), Camilla Belle (When a Stranger Calls), Jessica Varley (Kat), Joe Sill (Stray) and Chris von Hoffmann (Monster Party), who will helm the individual stories. Tyler Gillett, Chad Villella and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin from the Radio Silence Collective are executive producing the anthology, together with Mickey Gooch Jr. and D.G. Guyer of Kodiak and Telepool CEO Andre Druskeit. The cast includes Ross Partridge, Macy Gray, Leonardo Nam, Hana Mae Lee Lauren Miller Rogen and Martina Garcia.

If you didn’t know, Marc Forster directed zombie filled World War Z.

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