Those Cannibalistic In-Breds Will Hunt Again As Wrong Turn Is Getting A Reboot

In 2003, those in-bred cannibals graced our screens for the very first time in Rob Schmidt’s directed film. Now, after 6 films in the franchise that ended in 2014, BD are reporting Wrong Turn is getting a reboot.

sources tell us that producers at Contantin Film (who also made the Resident Evil films) are deep into development on a new incarnation of the series, quite possibly a remake (there’s no indication that this is a direct-to-VOD sequel). We’ve also heard that Mike P. Nelson, who directed the awesome post-apocalyptic The Domestics for Orion, is set to direct.

I’m a massive fan of the franchise and I can’t wait to see those “cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding” slash away again.

More news to follow…

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