‘The Nuns’ James Wan Set To Produce ‘Arachnophobia’ Remake!

Deadline have reported that James Wan & Amblins ‘Atomic Monster’ are in the early stages of the remake of 1990s classic spider infested horror Arachnophobia.

If you’re not aware, ‘Atomic Monster’ are currently wrapping ‘The Nun’ which will hit theatres 7th September!

Wan is a magician in the horror scene producing films like The Conjuring, Insidious, Dead Silence & Saw to name a few!

No doubt this’ll be another gem from Wan.

Here’s the synopsis for 90s classic ‘Arachnophobia’ that starred Jeff Daniels & John Goodman:

After a nature photographer (Mark L. Taylor) dies on assignment in Venezuela, a poisonous spider hitches a ride in his coffin to his hometown in rural California, where arachnophobe Dr. Ross Jennings (Jeff Daniels) has just moved in with his wife, Molly (Harley Jane Kozak), and young son. As town residents start turning up dead, Jennings begins to suspect spiders, and must face his fears as he and no-nonsense exterminator Delbert McClintock (John Goodman) fight to stop a deadly infestation.

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