The Candyman Tony Todd Is On Board MTV’s SCREAM Series 3

It looks as if horror legend Tony Todd will be joining Mary J. Blige on MTV’s Scream.

Todd, posted two images moments ago via his Instagram page which appears to confirm he’s going to be part of series 3 of slasher series based on the respective 90s slasher by the same name, Scream.

None of the original cast will be in series 3 as it takes a turn from the first two seasons to an anthology format.

There’s also a new show runner in BrettMatthews who’s trates include The Vampire Diaries.
Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere &Yaneley Arty of Flavor Unit Entertainment will be on board season 3 as executive producers. Matthews will, as well as show runner, executive produce alongside the legend in Wes Craven and Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley, Marianne Maddalena &Cathy Konrad. Maggie Malina and Dana Gotlieb-Carter are executive producing on behalf of MTV.

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