Texas Chainsaw 3D Creator’s ‘Secret Santa’ Slashes It’s Way On To DVD This November


Released ON DVD 5th November and

DIGITAL HD 3rd December, courtesy of FrightFest Presents


Christmas dinner turns bloody in this ferociously brilliant, gore-soaked horror comedy from the creators of Jason Goes To Hell and Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Key talent:

Michael Rady (Timeless, The Mentalist)
Drew Lynch (Maron)
Debra Sullivan (Writer, Texas Chainsaw 3D)
Adam Marcus (Director, Jason Goes To Hell)


A Christmas Eve gathering takes an unexpected turn after a family guest spikes the punch with a military grade version of truth serum sodium pentothal. The already dysfunctional group comes unstuck in a blizzard of drug-induced, painfully candid outbursts, and upset soon turns to carnage after the head of the family runs amok with a fork, triggering festering loathings and savage reprisals.

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