Terminator & Alien’s Michael Biehn’s ‘Altered Perception’ Gets US Distributor

Terminator & Alien star Michael Biehn and his wife/producer partner Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s Altered Perception gets distributer.

Altered Perception,

Altered Perception, directed by Kate Rees Davies is a psychological thriller that has found a home with SKD in the states and will hit theaters May 4 with a DVD release in June!

The film is based around 4 couples who partake in an experiment that is designed to treat psychological problems. Early signs suggest the experiment is going well but of course, all good things must come to an end, a deadly end!

Here’s the synopsis:

Four couples agree to participate in an experiment designed to treat psychological problems. At first, the treatment results are promising as their perception becomes clearer, but the couples start to perceive too much, and things turn deadly.

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