Support Extreme Horror with Two Nasty Films from Cat 4 Collective

Written by Zobo With A Shotgun

Do you like films such as A Serbian Film and August Underground? Then you’re going to love everything that’s being made by the talented and aspiring filmmakers from Cat 4 Collective. They are a group of creative and disturbing (in a good way) individuals that are ensuring exploitation cinema continues to hold it’s place within the industry.

The team are back with two new films called “I Cut Your Flesh” and “Disgorge Me”, which are bound to be as brutal and tormenting as their previous films, which is why they’re looking for your help to fund these two projects through the IndieGoGo Campaign. The first target of $500 has already been reached, which has unlocked new exclusive perks that won’t be available after the campaigning has finished, so what are you waiting for?

Including in the perks are posters only available via IndieGoGo, a chance to have your name in the credits, a one-off Tumbling Doll of Flesh painting, signed DVDs and more! This is an opportunity to support the latest in extreme cinema, and get behind some of the most up and coming filmmakers in this genre. Adrian Baez is known for his recent work The Bizarre Art of Samantha and also his work helping to put together the touring exhibition in the US all about one the nastiest and most controversial films ever made, A Serbian Film!

For more information on how to support both films and grab yourself an awesome perk, just head over to the campaign. You can also follow Adrian on Twitter for more!

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