Splash Life into The Mysterious Black Lake with IndieGoGo Campaign

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Article written by Zobo With A Shotgun

As an avid fan of supporting independent filmmakers, I’m always on the look for new projects that are currently looking for funding. Currently on my radar is Martin Stocks’ mysterious and ominous Black Lake. Stocks’ first caught my attention with his short horror film Toll Booth, which has won 6 awards including Best Thriller at LA Shorts Awards and Best Screenplay at Canada International Film Festival. His latest endeavour is an animated horror, which looks like it will bring elements of traditional tropes of the genre and pair this with dark visuals.

Synopsis: A man wakes in a dark, foggy, beautiful, yet hostile world after causing a fatal car crash. He navigates this place, initially spellbound by its stunning ethereal nature, and a pitch black lake with small floating stars. Dread quickly sets in as he realises the malevolent dangers lurking beneath the surface of this half-dead world. He is forced to confront his darkest fears and face the ultimate sacrifice to escape.

Joining Stocks’ as producer is James Wren, who is most recently know for his feature film The Man You’re Not starring Reece Sheersmith and Joanna Lumley, which premiered at the East London Film Festival. Alongside is Gabhriela Swan who is working as the concept artist for Black Lake and has already produced artwork that encapsulates the bleak yet beautiful tone of the film.

The IndieGoGo Campaign is live and running and the team are looking for funding! My personal favourite perk is for £10 which will get you to the first screening of the film alongside the team, and you’ll get a free drink (because who can say no to a free drink?!). If you’ve got a little more money to splash, then the £2000 perk will get you a Bespoke Promotional Film made for your business, from a team with years of experience that have worked for clients including Halfords and EDF Energy.

To help support this dark and mysterious indie horror film, head over to the IndieGoGo campaign and get donating! Also be sure to spread the word on your social media channels and keep the independent filmmaking world alive.

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