‘Salvation can be yours’ in latest ‘Bucket Heads’ Jigsaw clip

This latest clip of the upcoming SAW film ‘Jigsaw‘ just shows you how this awesome franchise has till got it.

‘Salvation can be yours – an offering of blood will set you free. I want to play a game…’

Written by Josh Stolberg, Jigsaw is sure to bring the thrills, blood spills and horrific kills that fans love! ‘Bucket Heads’ just shows us how dark and twisted Jigsaw is going to be. We don’t get to se much in this clip, its simply a teaser, but a teaser that really grabs you!

We’ve been grazed with 7 SAW films so far an everyone has delivered even after ‘Jigsaw’ had died. Jigsaw is set to be released October 26th here in the UK and October 27th out in the states.


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