The Purge duo to produce ‘Take Back The Night’

The Purge duo to produce ‘Take Back The Night’

James DeMonaco & Sebastian Lemercier are set to re unite to produce Take Back The Night by Ryan Riley with New Regency acquiring the rights according to Tracking Board.

As we know, James & Sebastian are the guys who brought us ‘The Purge’ franchise. The plot for the Take Back The Night hasn’t been announced yet but i’m sure it’ll be dark and thrilling the ‘The Purge’ films.

If you’ve never seen any of ‘The Purge’ films then you’re missing out on some real dark shit. For one night only, for 12 hours, all crimes are de-criminalized. Weapons above class 4 are exempt as are Government Officials ‘Ranking 10’. There are no emergency services during the purge and due to the purge, crime through out the year has decreased, unemployment has decreased and the economy is much stronger.

Can you imagine this is real life?? Could you PURGE?


More info on Take Back The Night available soon…




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