Prepare To Die! ‘Missing In Greenwood’

Prepare To Die! ‘Missing In Greenwood’

Irish director Stephen Patrick Kenny (The Pigman Murders, Captive) returns for his next outing with the woods thriller “Missing In Greenwood”
Three friends venture to the Greenwood forest in hope of a good time but now must rely on each others backs for survival as what lurks behind them isn’t exactly what it seems.
Starring Tony Denham (The Football Factory), Mark Hutchinson (The Pigman Murders), Bernie Coen (Captive), Paul Thomas Faherty, Michael Corcoran, Seamus Curran, Thomas McCormick, Jessie O’Regan, Donncha Kearney, James Moore, James Fahey, Ronan O Grady and Richard Morrison.

Production Companies: Hood Up Films (Ireland), H-Block Productions (Ireland).
Running time: 85 minutes
Release: Late 2018
Genre: Horror, Thriller

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