Pizza! Soda! Board Game! What could go wrong? ‘Your Date Is Here’ review

your date is here, todd spence,

Pizza! Soda! Board Game! What could go wrong? ‘Your Date Is Here’ review

see your date is here, todd spence,

femme enceinte recherche emploi Don’t ya just love an old fashion board game. Sit down with ya mates, get a couple of pizza’s, get some drink and away ya go. Well, that’s what I thought until I watched this.

where can i get cialis online uk This awesome little short from Todd Spence centres around a young girl her mum who do exactly what I mentioned above. Get a pizza, get some soda and play a board game.

go Now, this board game isn’t your normal board game a young child SHOULD play although looking at the game it seems pretty safe. This board game titled ‘Your Date Is Here’ is so creepy. At one scene, the mother picks up the phone (which is part of the board game) and is asked to open the door that’s on the board. As the door opens, you see a creepy looking man who doesn’t look friendly to say the least.

conocer gente de venezuela gratis I won’t spoil the fun, but watch this short film till the end!!


enter Congratulations to Todd and the team involved. I really enjoyed this short! Can’t wait to see more of your work.  

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