Murderers, Ghosts And Zombies In E. Reyes ‘Strange Tales Of The Macabre’ Stories

E. Reyes is a horror and Halloween enthusiast who lets his love for the genre bleed on the page. At only eight years of age, E. Reyes discovered Goosebumps by R.L. Stine and became obsessed with reading. Soon after, he was writing his own stories and even some James Bond flash fiction. His love of horror stemmed from John Carpenter’s Halloween, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and really, anything he could read or watch that was scary. His writing influences are Stephen King, R.L. Stine, Joe Hill, Ray Bradbury, and Clive Barker.

In this macabre collection of short fiction, E. Reyes tells stories about the unknown, about demise, and about the human psyche.

A creature from the woods lurks at a young boy’s window in “The Smile.” A clown with a struggling roller coaster ride makes the ultimate sacrifice in “The Haunted Circus Ride.” A group of friends break into a home and are in for a night of unsuspected terror in “Home Invasion.” Thanksgiving day has turned into something sinister when a man goes to his parents’ house in “My Brother Daniel.” A young girl discovers something unsettling in her home at night in “The Midnight Visitors.” Something is off about a curtain visit in “Mommy Dearest.” A girl is on the brink of losing her mind in “Paranoid.” A kid discovers a true crime book with a first-person point of view that haunts his memories in “The Crime Book.” A peculiar bat becomes a pest in “Bela Lugosi at My Window.” A man and his best friend are stranded in the blistering cold, fighting for their lives in “Christmas in the Empty Cabin.” A man is on a drunken and drugged-up path of self-destruction in “This Kind of Hell.” A young boy who is tantalized by a certain house finds a new friend within the home in “The House by the Woods.” A teen is haunted by dreams of apocalyptic dread in “Doomsday.” A turn of events at a funeral cause the unthinkable to happen in “Resurrection (A Love Song to Stephen King’s Pet Sematary).” A dark comedy ensues with gore and the undead in “Zombies at the Dollar Palace.”

Featuring 12 short stories and three pieces of flash fiction, Strange Tales of the Macabre is a strange and bizarre read that centers around death and the unexplainable

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