Killer Clowns And Evil Dolls In Mycho Entertainment’s Upcoming Horrors

Mycho Entertainment have been building a shared horror universe since 2010 with flagship feature Slasher House. Since then the Mycho Universe has continued to expand into a a world where serial killers hide around every corner and our only protection is the form of the ‘Final Girls’ strong enough to take them on. 2019 sees the release of the 7th and 8th feature length films in the ongoing Mycho Universe story.

Both films will have their World Premiere’s at the the 7th Horror-On-Sea Film Festival in January 2019 as part the festivals HUGE repertoire of the finest in New Independent Horror.


BANNISTER DOLL HOUSE is the 7th Feature length film from Mycho Entertainment, featuring Slasher House 2’s Molly Bannister, the film explores the origins of her evil Doll, Little Molly.

After the death of their eldest sister the women of the Bannister family begin to feel that something is very wrong, Molly is getting sick, there are strange noises in the night, a constant feeling that they are being watched and what’s with that doll, that seems to be everywhere they go? How is it connected to them and how will they survive the nightmare that is the Bannister DollHouse?


The 8th feature from Mycho Entertainment Group and follow up to Mycho’s infamous feature Cleaver : Rise of the Killer Clown.

Jody Ann Howells, a survivor of the Still Rivers Massacre is on the hunt for the man who turned her hometown into a nightmare, but a figure connected to that night may be her only hope in saving an all American Family who have found themselves in the clutches of The Cleaver.

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