Jason Reitman Confirms ‘Original Ghostbusters’ Have Read His Screenplay And Hints They Will Return

As we know, Sigourney Weaver has stated she’s excited to be returning to the franchise alongside ‘the original stars’ but Jason Reitman is yet to confirm Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson are set to return but has teased the speculation. Unfortunately, as we know, Harold Ramis passed away in 2014.

Jason Reitman recently attended a Ghostbusters fan fest to which he teased the idea of the guys returning for the ‘threequel’:

“Sigourney has read the screenplay…Dan has read it…Ernie’s read the script…Bill Murray has read the script.”

Sigourney has confirmed she’s returning to the franchise telling Parade magazine:
“It’s going to be crazy working with the guys again!”

I can’t wait!

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