Humanoids From Outer Wales – Short Film Series

Whatever happened to the b-movies from the 50s? It seemed that due to technology advances a demand for shock-horror, they were left behind by most filmmakers, except for one. Sion Gareth Griffiths has been releasing short horror films throughout the month of October titled Humanoids From Outer Space.

These short horror sci-fi films are a homage to those beloved b-movies, with an added Welsh twist to make things a little more interesting. The final installation in the series will be released today, as there is no day more fitting than Wednesday 31st October, Halloween!

If you’re in Wales, you can catch the screening of the fifth and final part of the series at the arts centreĀ Balaclava Carn in Caernarfon. However, if that’s a little too far to travel on a school night then you can catch the live stream on Instagram from 7pm.

Until you catch the last part later tonight, you can spend the day watching the four instalments that are already available for free on YouTube. Make sure you spread the word on your social channels about this awesome independent short film series.

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