Horror Slasher ‘Bad Apples’ Review By David Pitt

bad apples, horror,

Horror Slasher ‘Bad Apples’ Review By David Pitt


bad apples, horror,

Bad Apples

Written and directed by Bryan Coyne

Review by David Pitt

It’s Hallowe’en night. A couple of girls wearing identical masks – well, almost identical: one mask has red hair, the other has green – terrorize a neighbourhood, You know the drill: they break into someone’s house, commit grisly murder, move on to the next place. Lots of blood, lots of psychotic mayhem.

Bad Apples is a fairly predictable movie: you know, right from the get-go, that sooner or later the murderous girls will end up at the house of the man and wife who have recently moved into the neighbourhood. The movie’s structure absolutely guarantees it. You also know, as the movie appears to be working its way to its conclusion, that there will be a twist ending – although you might not expect it to be in the form of a lengthy and rather dreary “coda” that feels like it’s been tacked onto the movie to increase its running time.

The movie isn’t surprising in any meaningful way (you know the actor you’ve seen in other movies, you can never remember his name but he’s immediately familiar, is going to die horribly), but it is entertaining. The performances are good; the “bad apples” in particular convey a great deal of emotion, and even exchange mute dialogue, even though they’re hidden for nearly the entire movie behind their increasingly blood-spattered masks. 

The movie looks good, too. It’s shot in real places, not on studio sets – at least it sure looks like it is – and it benefits greatly by using available light to create a mood. It feels like these are real people in real places doing horrible things, not actors in carefully lit sets acting out scenes.

I liked Bad Apples. I might have liked it more if the script had been better, and if the story had been considerably less predictable, but if you like Hallowe’en-themed slasher flicks you could do a lot worse.


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