FrightFest 2019: The Grump Of Horror Reviews ‘To Your Last Death’

A young woman, the only survivor of her family, all killed by their vindictive father is giving the chance to relive the day, with a chance to save them, thanks to the help of someone calling herself Gamesmaster, whose people will gamble on the result…

Occasionally a film comes along that you want to enjoy more, but something about it puts you off. It makes a potentially good film into simply an okay one. To Your Last Death is an example of this.

The story (by Jim Cirile and Tanya C. Klein) is quite interesting, with some great humour along with some some bloody action moments. The vocal performances from the likes of Morena Baccarin as the Gamesmaster, William Shatner as the Narrator, Ray Wise as the father, Cyrus and the others is pretty good.

There is a lot to like here. It never outstays its welcome, it’s well directed by Jason Axinn and on the whole I did enjoy it.

However I did have an issue with the film, that prevented me from enjoying the film more. And in some ways its the one thing the film can’t overcome, its animation style. Simply put, I wasn’t a fan. According the IMDB the budget is estimated to be $2.5M which admittedly probably isn’t a lot for a film of this type and to be fair, it uses its budget well, but as an animation style I find it off putting. It’s probably an unfair criticism, but had the animated style been better, or had the film been in live action even, I would have liked it even more. I would also say there were some who saw the film, who enjoyed much more than I did.

To be clear, I didn’t dislike To Your Last Death. I did enjoy it. And I do think if you are a fan of the animation, you are likely to enjoy it more than I did. That I’m not isn’t the films fault, as everything else about it is pretty good.

Certainly at the very least, it is a film worth checking out, if you get the chance.

Rating: *** out of 5

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