FrightFest 2019: The Grump Of Horror Reviews ‘The Wind’

When her husband takes another man back into town, a woman faces up to the isolation on her own…or is there something out there?

When FrightFest announced its line-up for 2019, The Wind was on of the film that I was really interested in. I find western set horrors very appealing. Thankfully The Wind lived up to and exceeded my expectations.

The main reason for the film’s success is the performance of Caitlin Gerard as Lizzy, the woman at the heart of the story. The film cuts between the events leading up to the man having to leave with her husband and also to what happens after they go. As such, Lizzy is on screen for pretty much the whole film and the role needed a good performance to make it work and Gerard delivers. She has to carry the film and she does it easily.

The other actors, Julia Goldani Telles, Ashley Zuckerman, Miles Anderson, Dylan McTee and Martin C Patterson are also very good too.

The film is superbly written by Teresa Sutherland as it looks at Lizzy’s state of mind. Is everything she is experiencing all in her head, or is there something out in the isolation of the prairie that is affecting her? Even by the film’s ending you may or may not know the answer to that. I have my own thoughts on it, I’m sure others have theirs.

Director Emma Tammi, builds a creeping, dreadful atmosphere through out. There are some good jump scares, but it’s that atmosphere, that something is out there with Lizzy that makes creeps you out. It’s a slow burner of a film, taking its time to build, until it reaches its conclusion, that keeps the audience on edge throughout. I wouldn’t perhaps call it a ghost story, but it is a film that is certainly haunting. Considering this is Tammi’s feature debut, it’s a very impressive one.

With a terrific score from Ben Lovett (who had scored three of the films showing at FrightFest!) and wonderful cinematography by Lyn Moncrief, there really is little to dislike here.

The Wind is a terrific little chiller, one that will haunt you after seeing it.

One of my favourites of FrightFest.

Rating: ****1/2 out of 5

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