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Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert

Written by: The Boxleitner Brothers (Lee Boxleitner & Sam Boxleitner)


Pure Gore To The Core!!! This short film follows broke, college dropout Alison (Caitlin Reilly) who is working 3 jobs to cover the cost of her ill mothers cancer treatment plus her debts for dropping out of college early. Her boyfriend Philip (DeMille Cole Heard) is feeling the cost of his gf working all hours under the sun and feels she isn’t giving him enough attention.

Alison rings up a vacant baby sitter job and gets the job! What comes next is something she would never of dreamed of. Imagine turning up to a house and the little angel you’re about to care for turns out to be your BIGGEST nightmare (Lee Boxleitner).

I wont give any spoilers away but if you love your gore and cat and mouse horror, you will love this! I really enjoyed this short film. Congratulations to all involved, well done!


The Horrorcist scores: 8/10 *Pure Gore To The Core!!!*


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