Conjuring Universe Duo Set To Adapt Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’

It looks like the Stephen King saga continues as his vampire novel Salem’s Lot is set to be adapted with The Conjuring Universe duo on board.

THR are reporting that James Wan and Gary Dauberman are joining forces to adapt the novel for New Line.

Dauberman will write the script and executive produce with Wan producing alongside Roy Lee and Mark Wolper.

Published in 1975, King’s book centers on an author who returns to his hometown in order to write about an abandoned mansion in the small town. As he discovers the home has been bought by a mysterious man from Europe, the man also realizes that townspeople are slowly being turned into vampires. The writer bands together with a ragtag group to stop the spread of vampires, with the final confrontation happening in the house with the mysterious man.

A director isn’t attached yet but I’d love to see James Wan in the directors seat.

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