An ‘Alien’ Series Announcement At San Diego Comic-Con?

As you’re all aware, San Diego Comic-Con is around the corner and as always, there will be announcements of upcoming projects for us fans to all get excited for.

Now, could be we expecting an announcement regarding the Alien franchise?

The guys over at Omega Underground have heard from a reliable source that there could, in fact, be an Alien series in the works.

“Back in April, a reliable source revealed to us that a series set within the “Alien universe” was being considered behind the scenes. I was able to reaffirm the rumbling with another source located in another country that was able to support some of the basic info.

What they couldn’t connect on is where it could land be it FX or a streaming platform, Hulu and Netflix were ruled out at the time.”

Omega Underground have heard that the announcement could be made very soon!

Could it be at ScareDiego? Who’d like an Alien series?

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