‘Burn’ review by ‘The horrorcist’.

Burn (2017)

Produced & Written by: Chris Barnes & Judson Vaughan

WOW! Fucking WOW! The only word I can start with. Imagine being a young child and your parent has recorded a home video for you to be seen when you’re older. It may be embarrassing, it may be heart warming or it could be something you’d never wanna see in your whole entire life!

This short film by Chris Barnes & Judson Vaughan follows Peter (played by Max Cavenham) and his pregnant partner Louise (played by Emma Kelly). Peter knows he hasn’t got much petrol in the tank left and begins to record home videos for his unborn son (played by Matti Kolirin). The kind of home videos you’d expect a man to record for his son right? WRONG! From what follows here will simply blow your mind. I could not believe the ending WOW! This is a must see and I congratulate everyone involved in making this epic short movie!


The Horrorist scores this – 9/10 *WOW Fucking WOW*


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