Bill Moseley Battles a Deadly Giant Pig In BOAR Coming Next February

A giant pig runs amok in the outback in this bloody Ozploitation horror thriller featuring the stars of Wolf Creek, Mad Max and The Devil’s Rejects.


Key talent:

Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, Texas Chainsaw 2)

John Jarratt (Wolf Creek, Picnic at Hanging Rock)

Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot)

Steve Bisley (Mad Max, Chain Reaction)

Nathan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road, Conan the Barbarian)

Chris Haywood (The Cars That Ate Paris)

Simone Buchanan (Patrick: Evil Awakens)

Chris Sun (Writer/director, Charlie’s Farm)


In the harsh, yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before.

Believed nothing more than a myth, a legend brought to life by a drunken hunter, the beast ventures closer to civilization. When the bodies of two of its most recent victims are discovered, it is up to a locals, and an out-of-town family caught in the carnage, to halt the creature in its tracks.

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