Atlas V Are Bringing Us A Zombie VR Series Titled ‘Gloomy Eyes’

They guys behind Spheres are set to bring us a new VR series based on zombies.

Atlas V have told Variety the series is centred around an outlaw zombie who has access to things humans don’t see it understand. Zombies used to be the hunter, now they’re the hunted.

“Gloomy Eyes” is a real-time animated VR series directed by Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado, the duo behind the 2012 animated short “Shave It.” Set in 1983, “Gloomy Eyes” centers on a zombie who is an outlaw and has access to things humans don’t see or understand. In his world, zombies have been around for almost a decade but are being hunted down and hiding in the forest. The three-part series is being produced by Atlas V, 3DAR and Arte.

Atlas V will also produce two more VR projects called Crusoe and Fortunes.

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